.30 Cal. Muzzle Brake


5/8 x 24 .30 Cal. Muzzel Brake

Product Description

.30 Cal. Solvent Trap Muzzle Brake

5/8 x 24 .30 Cal. Muzzle Brake

This .30 Cal. Muzzle Brake (5/8 x 24 thread pitch) is made of hammer forged hardened steel-bar stock. They have been engineered to with stand 5,000 pounds without crushing. The end of each brake has been tapered and relieved to present a menacing blunt force tool. They are parkerized to achieve a rugged finish, superior protection, and durability that will last for many, many years.

Hay Uncle Harv ” this thing make my 300 black out so dame CLEAN Almost 85% Cleaner than it was before Thanks John”

Harv baby ” I put this on my Ruger Scout Rifle talk about Clean I almost cant #*@& it.”


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