Perimeter Alert Alarm System

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Simply The Best! Sasquatch Militia Perimeter Alert Alarm System. The M93-209 Trip wire Alarm System Trigger Device

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Product Description

Simply the best Trip Wire Perimeter Alert Alarm System

In your defense of freedom offers  Its “Perimeter Alert Alarm System”.
This trip wire initiated device allows the user to use 209 shot gun primers to alert them to any thing moving with in there area of operation.
Simple and Easy to use.
Quick to set up.
Weather tight.
3 moving parts, will never wear out
Small but ruggedly built, Weighs less than 2 oz.
Od Green or Tan
Made of 6061 Aluminum hard anodized.
This light weights trip wire device can be set up in minutes, This is a true must have for your Bug out Bag, Hunting Camp in Bear country and if things get really stupid you’ll be able to Keep your self and your loved ones safe in the woods with a easy to use reliable Sasquatch Perimeter Alarm System. No more bears or varmints 2 or 4 legged sneaking up on you, also works well in a Zombie situations. “Keep your grow growing, and you ass safe.”  Quote from “Uncle Harv”


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